Neoformers Magnetic Building 78pcs Set

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Magnetic Building 78pcs Set

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Children's imaginations will be excited by building objects with the Neoformers Magnetic Building Set. The Neoformers construction sets nurtures brain development through fun and educational exploration. With high quality, durable construction and intelligent magnetic design, the possibilities with Neoformers are endless!Get little brains building in 3D with these  innovative Neoformers magnetic geometric shapes to create simple and complex 3-D models.The set includes lightweight, magnetic, interchangeable Neoformers that hold together to create everything and anything -  Imagination holds no limits with Neoformers.Additional info:Includes  12 x Triangles, 24 x Squares, 2 x Hexagons, 4 x Isosceles Triangle, 2 x Diamond, 6 x Sector, 2 x Arch, 1 x Triple Rectangle, 15 x Cards, 2 x Wheel, 1 x Ferris Wheel 8pcs Accessory.Recommended for Ages 3 years+Contains magnets.View the full range of Neoformers

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