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Platinum Collection + DNA (Worth $566.00)

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Product Description

asap's Platinum Collection + DNA is a limited edition set that combines a selection of anti-ageing, rejuvenating formulas to leave skin feeling smoother, firmer and younger. The Set Contains: Super A+ Serum (15ml) A high potency overnight treatment that works to visibly reduce the appearance ageing, sun damage and pigmentation. Enriched with pure Retinol, an anti-ageing Biomimetic Peptide and crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid, the anti-ageing solution supports healthy collagen production and helps to improve texture and tone for smoother, firmer, younger-looking skin. Also contains an Anti-Irritating Complex. Skin is left feeling smooth, hydrated and vibrant. Avoid use while pregnant. Do not use if taking prescription acne medication. Suitable for all skin types. Super B Complex (15ml) A fast-acting serum infused with a host of powerful active ingredients to intensely hydrate skin whilst visibly reducing signs of ageing; its high concentration of Niacinamide helps encourage collagen production. The rejuvenating formula penetrates quickly to enhance hydration, and contains crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid, which provides five times the moisturising properties of traditional Hyaluronic Acid. Its blend of Red Clover and Liquorice extract perform pore refining and brightening effects for smoother-looking, radiant skin. Suitable for all skin types. Super C Serum (15ml) A skin-brightening formula infused with the three most powerful antioxidants, Vitamin C (20% L-Ascorbis Acid), Pycnogenol and Idebenone. Dedicated to brightening and clarifying the appearance of skin, the potent formula helps to visibly reduce the appearance of premature ageing caused by drying effects of the sun and other damaging environmental factors. Daily use of Vitamin C promotes skin radiance. Suitable for all skin types. Radiance Serum (15ml) A rejuvenating facial serum that combines an anti-ageing Biomimetic Tripeptide with a skin-brightening botanical extract and powerful blend of AHA/BHA. Helping to brighten the appearance of dull, ageing skin, the powerful formula assists in the reduction of sun damage, pigmentation and acne to promote a more even toned complexion. Encouraging smoother, refined and hydrated skin, the brightening serum also contains White Tea, Bilberry and Mulberry for antioxidant protection. Suitable for all skin types, especially sun damaged, aged, acne and pigmented skin. Ultimate Hydration (30ml) A luxurious, rich moisturising cream that helps to improve moisture and tone in ageing skin. Enriched with a blend of Evening Primrose and Sweet Almond Oils, the nourishing formula delivers a veil of comfort and hydration, visibly improving the look of dry, prematurely aged skin. Its cocktail of Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrasalinol work in synergy to increase hydration, plumping skin with moisture to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin's texture, softness and moisture is maximised, leaving your complexion plumped, supple and younger-looking with improved pigmentation. Suitable for all skin types, excluding acne. Anti-Ageing Night Cream (30ml) Replenishes and rehydrates your skin while you sleep. The low oil, lightweight formula absorbs instantly into the skin to provide an intensive night treatment. Enriched with exfoliating AHAs that gently loosen and remove dead skin cells, the cream encourages the production of collagen to promote younger-looking skin. The night treatment’s antioxidant formulation helps protect against external aggressors and restore skin balance overnight. Active White Tea, Lemon Verbena and Bilberry extract promote skin nourishment and hydration, offering visible improvement to skin texture and smoothness. Suitable for all skin types, excluding acne. DNA Renewal Treatment (30ml) An anti-ageing formula that utilises Telomere Technology to help protect and repair skin, promoting a smoother, younger-looking complexion. Enriched with a Multi-Peptide Complex to enhance vitality, and a combination of self-regenerative stem cell technology and Glucuronic Acid to help smoothen fines lines and wrinkles. Optimal hydration is restored and skin appears firmer and younger. Suitable for all skin types, especially those concerned with ageing.

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