The Beauty Chef Glow and Collagen Kit (Worth $167.00)

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The Beauty Chef Glow and Collagen Kit (Worth $167.00) 20%off

The Beauty Chef
Glow and Collagen Kit (Worth $167.00)

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Designed to target specific skin concerns, this bio-fermented trio combines GLOW—the foundation of your inner beauty routine—with two Boosts of your choice to amplify the benefits of GLOW. This Set Contains: GLOW Supercharged Inner Beauty Essential 150g A daily beauty powder for radiant skin and gut health, now with a SUPERCHARGED FORMULA. With 18 Certified Organic wholefoods including bio-fermented maqui berries, queen garnet plum and pomegranate fruit peel extract, vitamin C to help boost collagen production and zinc to support healthy hair and nails. Plus provitamin A, broad-spectrum B vitamins and more probiotics and postbiotics thanks to our more potent fermentation process, this berry-flavoured blend promotes luminous skin—from the inside out. COLLAGEN Supercharged Inner Beauty Boost (2 x 500ml) A vegan elixir to plump the skin from within and nourish your gut. Still with bio-fermented papaya and grapeseed extracts, now with added pomegranate peel extract, gotu kola, organic goji, acai and maqui berries, plus more vitamin C to support collagen production and zinc to support skin structure and healthy hair and nails.

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