VIRTUE Healthy Scalp Trio (Worth $206.00)

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VIRTUE Healthy Scalp Trio (Worth $206.00) Save $51

Healthy Scalp Trio (Worth $206.00)

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Restore scalp balance and health with this refreshing trio. VIRTUE Purifying Shampoo 120ml This weekly shampoo boasts clarifying properties that work to dispel impurities from the scalp and ends. The gentle formula is packed with ingredients that cleanse, nourish and fortify. Alpha Keratin 60ku® acts as the hair's weekly detox, capturing nasties like pollution, smoke, excess oil, product residue and daily debris. Extremely versatile, this protein also delivers restorative benefits, leaving strands with a shiny, healthy-looking finish. The shampoo purifies the scalp and refreshes lengths, offering a thorough cleansing treatment that won't strip away natural oils. VIRTUE Refresh Exfoliating Scalp Treatment 150ml This exfoliating treatment gently buffs away dry and dead skin cells on your scalp, encouraging it to feel and look more balanced and smoother. The scalp treatment also helps to slough away any extra sebum build-up, leaving the illusion of glossy, lightweight tresses that possess an enviable bounce. The formula is boosted with an innovative cocktail of deeply-hydrating Kalahari Melon and Jojoba Oils, that works in unison with ingenious Alpha Keratin 60ku™. The cleverly-designed technology promotes the appearance of renewed, revitalised hair, making the exfoliator ideal for people prone to dryness, breakage and sebum build-up. VIRTUE Refresh Topical Scalp Supplement 60ml Fuelled by a blend of potent Peptides, Vitamins and Prebiotics, this innovative formula feeds good bacteria to the skin, which work to rebalance the scalp's ecosystem. Working in harmony, these ingredients repair, reinforce and rebuild the hair's natural barrier, safeguarding the scalp against damage. Also enriched with Chamomile, White Tea and Lavender, the treatment helps to calm and cool the scalp, using anti-inflammatory power to reduce any redness or irritation. The weightless consistency means the serum is instantly absorbed by the scalp, without leaving an oily or sticky residue. Saturated with the brand's signature Alpha Keratin 60ku® protein, the formula helps to strengthen and repair brittle strands, and protect the hair against heat damange and environmental aggressors.

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