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Amaran Hr

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Amaran HR672W LED Video Light features CRI95+ technology for pure, accurate light and colours and a huge 4636.8lm brightness output. Using a universal 2.4G FSK technology, it can controlled within 100 metres. The Aputure HR672W has more LEDs than ever before, giving you a powerful maximum brightness output. It features a strong and stable light, manual brightness control, and uses PWM technology to decrease power dissipation. It is expandable for maximum brightness, compact for easy portability, and has an efficient dual power supply system for both AC and battery power operation. Use the Amaran HR672W to get the same professional lighting seen on TV and Cinematography. It's especially an advanced lighting solution for videography. No flickers up to 1/8000s (Tested by Hypop). Functions CRI 95+, pure and accurate light Uncompromised brightness output up to 4636.8lm, flicker free True slim but hard shell 2.4G FSK wireless remote control within 100 meters Control multiple LED lights in 4 groups or 3 channels Quiet dissipation system Charges one or both batteries while powered by AC Double power supply system Brightness adjustable and digital display

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