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Availability: Will ship within 7 days from ordering. Introducing the Aputure 4x AL-528 (H528) LED Video Continuous Portable Lighting Kit. This kit come with the most advanced Aputure AL-528 (H528) LED lighting panel, ready to be used in a studio or on-location. The default kit includes 4x Aputure AL-528 (H528) LED panels (3 different models to choose from), which provides a strong, adjustable and portable lighting solution for photo or video shoots. **UPDATE** All the LED panels stocked by Hypop are now the updated all-new Aputure H528 models with CRI 95+ technology. The old AL-528 LED panels are only CRI 85+ technology so the new panels provide a more accurate light with a higher Colour Rendering Index score, similar to the new Aputure HR672 It's an especially advanced lighing solution for videography. No video flickering up to 1/8000s (Confirmed and tested by Hypop). Select from 3 different LED panels (528W, 528C and 528S) to customise different lighting solutions. AL-528W (H528W) (wide angle) AL-528C (H528C) (colour temperature adjustable - an additional $80 per LED) AL-528S (H528S) (spot light) **light stands not included** For more information about Aputure AL-528 LEDs, please check the Video tab below. Batteries not included. Includes the Aputure Single Panel Carry Case as standard. Genuine Aputure Large 4x LED Kit Carry Bag is optional.

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