Unbranded Luxury Pocket Spring King Single Mattress

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Luxury Pocket Spring King Single Mattress Save $49

Luxury Pocket Spring King Single Mattress

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Do your shut-eye justice with this luxurious king single mattress that cradles your body for the ultimate sleep. Wake up feeling like a king or queen every morning! Best quality King Single mattress which will contour to your body's shape and give you perfect support to provide correct sleeping posture The 'Amor' range is the last word in prestigious comfort. As its name suggests this mattress is a quality design. This mattress will contour to your body's shape with individual Pocket Springs for unrivalled support. The Pocket Spring system provides proper support to promote the correct sleeping posture for better spinal health. One can luxuriate in the quality quilted knitted fabric. This is married with the soft and nurturing wave foam that relieves pressure on the body. This mattress is a healthy option as it does not support micro-biological life. This top quality mattress has a long life span so you can enjoy it for many comfortable years. With an Astor mattress you can rest assured! INDIVIDUAL POCKET SPRINGS: The key aspect to the Pocket Spring construction is the minimising of 'Partner Disturbance'. This is the movement created across the mattress when you or your partner moves getting in and out of bed or with tossing and turning. Due to their individual coil construction, pocket springs intrinsically absorb this 'disturbance' directly underneath the sleeper instead of spreading it across the bed. QUILT PACKAGE: The soft top layer of quilting gives this mattress it's amazing comfort. Also known as the 'Quilt Package' this high end knitted fabric will nourish your muscles. This is married underneath with supple wave foam for soft, resilient and energy absorbing support HEALTH: Allergies are one of the biggest contributors to lack of sleep. They can cause you to wake intermittently and lose sleep. This mattress is Anti Allergy (Hypoallergenic) and will not irritate your health conditions. The mattress is also anti-bacteria and anti-dust-mite and does not support micro-biological organisms.

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