WOMBAROO Possum < 0.8 160gm

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Wombaroo Possum < 0.8 160gm

Possum < 0.8 160gm

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Product Description

Marsupial milk changes in composition and energy as the joey develops. This is why a single milk is not suitable for hand rearing any marsupial. Different Wombaroo milks are formulated to provide the correct nutrition at different stages of joey development. The Wombaroo milk stages are related to the time that a joey has already spent in the pouch. A joey at fully out of pouch age has completed 100% of its pouch life so it has an age factor of 1. All joeys that spend any time in the pouch have an age factor of less than 1.

Two stages of possum milk are available. The stage required is dependent on the developmental stage of the joey. The illustrations on the front of each packet provide a visual guide in determining the milk type to be used. The possum milk replacers are suitable for all species of possums and gliders.

STAGE: <0.8 - 160g/litre
Pack Sizes: 160gm, 800gm
ANALYSIS: Min Crude Protein 33%, Min Crude Fat 15%, Max Fibre 0%, Max Salt 1%

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