Bio Island Milk Calcium Cap X 90

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Bio Island Milk Calcium Cap X 90 23%off

Bio Island
Milk Calcium Cap X 90

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Features and benefits:1. Suitable for infant over 4 weekssimply by varying the dosage, bio island cod liver + fish oil is suitable for use by the whole family, even young babies from the age of 4 weeks. The dosages are based on the recommended daily intakes (rdi) and adequate intakes (ai) established by the nhmrc (national health & medical research council). 2. Derived from cow's milk. Calcium has a structural role in the body, with about 99% of calcium being found in the skeleton. Calcium can support the development and maintenance of strong, health bones and teeth and to maximize bone growth. Vitamin d has various important roles in the body. It is essential for the absorption and utilization of calcium and the normal calcification of the skeleton. Active ingredients:each capsule contains:hydroxyapatite 270mgequiv. To calciu

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