3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation Milk Ivory

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3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation Milk Ivory

Glossing Waterful Foundation Milk Ivory

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Product Description

3 Concept Eyes Glossing Waterful Foundation is an ultra-lightweight liquid mix foundation. This Glossing Foundation will give the face a healthy and dewy glow. It soaks quickly into the skin without requiring much blending. The liquid will not cake on the face and gives a natural finish.

*Benefits* *  Contains SPF 15 sunblock level for UV-ray protection.
*  There are four shades of this product to make it suitable for all types of skin.
*  When applied gives maximum skin coverage.
*  Gives skin a natural glowing effect. *Application* *  Shake and mix liquid foundation well before using.
*  Use your fingers to apply the foundation on open areas of your face. With the use of a puff or sponge, slowly spread the cream outwards.
*  You can get more gloss by applying nursing cream before applying foundation.

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