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American Crew
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Product Description

American Crew Boost Powder creates a hair-lifting effect with a matte finish. If you love a dramatic, gravity-defying texture, pamper your hair with Boost Powder today!  *Benefits* * Softens hair and retains natural moisture
* Creates flexible hold and thick hair
* Restores hair growth
* Provides an energetic feel to the look
* Finishes with a no-shine, matte texture
* Usable with other American Crew styling products
*Application* * Tap the puck lightly a few times to loosen Boost Powder.
* Pour a small amount onto your hand and sprinkle onto dry hair in an even manner.
* Massage powder to make sure it spreads to the hair root and scalp.
* For maximum volume, apply the powder to your roots.
* If desired, combine Boost Powder with any American Crew styling products.

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