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American Crew
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Product Description

American Crew Defining Paste is a hair gel that adds texture and increases hair definition. Created from beeswax, it allows you to distribute throughout your hair in a consistent and convenient way. If you desire a thicker and fuller appearance, look no further! *Benefits* * Contains moisturising ingredients
* Provides a natural and pliable hold
* Creates thicker and fuller hair appearance
* Adds texture and definition with a matte finish
* Allows for distribution throughout the hair with ease
* Usable for hair beyond 2'' in length
*Application* * Scoop a coin-sized amount of American Crew Defining Paste onto your palms.
* Rub into damp or dry hair, starting from above your hairline.
* Work it back towards the back of your neck. 
* To make sure it is distributed throughout the hair, rub in upward and downward motions.
* Style your hair as desired. 

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