American Crew Pomade 85g

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American Crew
Pomade 85g

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Product Description

Do not be fooled by this water-based pomade. American Crew Promade is effective in the way it holds your hair well without causing stiffness. Feel free to re-style your hair throughout the day. Indulge in one of the top pomade products in the market today!  *Benefits* * Medium hold with high shine
* Creates well-textured and shiny hair
* Leaves no residue when shampooing
* Contains subtle, mellow aroma

*Application* * Before using American Crew Pomade, make sure you wash your hair as pomade is best used on clean and damp hair.
* Using your fingers, press firmly into the pomade and remove a small amount from the tub.
* Rub between your palms to soften the product.
* Scoop a small amount of American Crew Pomade on your palm and distribute throughout the hair. 

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