Bodyism Serenity

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Bodyism Serenity


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Product Description

What it is:

A daily supplement packed with calming herbs to help lower anxiety and combat stress hormones.

What it does:

This one tiny supplement has a mighty impact on your healthy eating regimen. Full of calming herbs like rosemary and licorice root, it can help prevent your body from creating excess fat by lowering anxiety and stress hormones. Made with the amino acid L-glutamine, shown to repair the gut lining, it encourages optimal health from the inside, out by helping your body better absorb nutrients, recover from stress, and control blood sugar levels. A high concentration of antioxidants diffuses free radicals and counter aging while you sleep. Plus, these supplements are the perfect sweet treat free of guilt—they taste like chocolate without any added sugar!

What else you need to know:

This product is free of gluten, sugar, soy, lactose, whey, artificial colours, and preservatives.
*Benefits* *Application* How to use Serenity enjoy 1 scoop of Serenity as a relaxing part of your wind down routine before bed. Enjoy it hot or cold or add it to your yoghurt or bliss ball as a delicious night time Bodyism treat

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