Sephora Collection Clay Mask Red

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Sephora Collection Clay Mask Red

Sephora Collection
Clay Mask Red

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Product Description

A line of face masks enriched with natural clay to address targeted skincare needs.

*Benefits* Each creamy clay mask from Sephora Collection delivers specific benefits by colour with a moisturising formula that won’t dry out the skin or pull it taut. The white, yellow, pink, red, purple, and gray clay masks have a smooth, soothing texture, while the green and blue clay masks offer gentle exfoliation with loofah particles. Meet all your facial needs with a combination of masks in travel-friendly and reusable packaging.

Purple Clay Mask: Moisturizses and soothes.

Blue Clay Mask: Detoxifies and oxygenates.

Green Clay Mask: Purifies and minimises pores.

Yellow Clay Mask: Revitalises and tones.

White Clay Mask: Mineralises and soothes.

Grey Clay Mask: Mattifies and balances.

Red Clay Mask: Energises and fights fatique.