Sephora Collection Nuit Kajal

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Sephora Collection Nuit Kajal

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Nuit Kajal

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Product Description

Kajal is back! Kajal, used for millennia around the world – Southern Asia, the Middle East, Northern and Sub-Saharan Africa – is a 2-in-1 product to be used as khol to intensify the eyes or as an eyeshadow for a super-easy smoky look. *Benefits* Its formula is enriched with rose wax, creating a creamy texture that is easy to blend, and ultra-intense pigments for captivating eyes! Well? Are you going to give in to temptation? *Application* On the waterline: Apply the Kajal to the inner rim of the eyelid in back-and-forth movements until you obtain the desired intensity of black. Pro #29
On the eye contour: Draw the eye contour from the lower to upper eyelid. Shade off with PRO brush #29 to obtain a blended, softer and more natural finish. Pro #30
On the entire upper eyelid: Apply the kajal to the entire upper eyelid. Blend and shade off using PRO brush #30.
SHARPENING: You can’t sharpen Khol Kajal like a pencil. Either always use it at an angle to keep the lead pointed, or use PRO brush #29 or #31 to pick up the product and apply as you wish.