Sephora Collection Pro Brush Angled Blush #75

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Sephora Collection Pro Brush Angled Blush #75 31%off

Sephora Collection
Pro Brush Angled Blush #75

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Product Description

Apply blush, bronzer, foundation, and even concealer effortlessly with this exclusive, multipurpose brush. *Benefits* The angled bristles pick up more product than a normal brush, resulting in a truly sculpted appeal. The slant of the synthetic bristles forms a chiseled edge, allowing for accurate placement that sweeps flat against the skin and delivers even application. The pointed side easily reaches facial contours with ease, making coverage around the nose and eyes a breeze. *Application* * Using circular motions, buff foundation onto all areas of the face.
* Brush towards the outer edge of the face to blend.
* Apply bronzer or blush onto the cheek in an upwards motion.
* Buff the along the temple and top of the forehead for an even radiance.

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