Mirenesse Forbidden Ink Eye Liner 0.75g 9.

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Mirenesse Forbidden Ink Eye Liner 0.75g 9. 30%off

Forbidden Ink Eye Liner 0.75g 9.

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Product Description

This collection features a wide range of smooth and pigmented colours. Designed to perfect multiple looks, the ink eyeliner contains a buildable and waterproof texture. Formulated with raspberry seed oil, it delivers anti-ageing and hydration benefits. Stay moisturised with the help of shea fruit and cocoa butter.  *Benefits*

* Stays true to original colour all day long
* Ensures even and smooth application
* Prevents makeup from ruining caused by water or heat
*Application* * With a steady hand, draw the eyeliner along your upper lash line, as close to your lashes as possible, beginning at the inner corner of your eye. 
* Draw a thin line in the same direction on your lower lash line, starting from the middle of the lash line this time.
* Do not stretch your skin too much, as it can make the look messy and uneven.

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