SILKE London Hair Wrap The Sofia (Champagne)

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SILKE London Hair Wrap The Sofia (Champagne)

SILKE London
Hair Wrap The Sofia (Champagne)

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Product Description

An overnight hair wrap made from the finest silk for smooth, glossy, and frizz-free locks every morning

*Benefits* Say goodbye to bed head and breakage with a Silke London Hair Wrap. Made from 100 percent, moisture-retaining silk, it cocoons hair in luxurious softness to eliminate nightly friction from bed linen that causes hair breakage, frizz, and split ends. Protected during its nightly growing phase, hair can increase in thickness and length in a healthy growing environment that encourages natural oils to spread evenly from root to tip for stronger, nourished, and less greasy hair morning after morning.

*Application* STEP 1
Arrange and hold your hair in place so it's easy for you to scoop into your SILKE Hair Wrap, releasing locks into the silk cocoon as it slides on. We like to twist ours up into a bun at the crown of our head to deliver a subtle wave come morning. But there are many different ways to put your hair up so it looks great when you let it back down.

Be sure to tuck all your hair within your wrap so the elasticated silk edge is completely covering your hairline and the tip of your ears, this will ensure it sits tight, protecting and nourishing your locks all through the night.

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