Studio 10 Visible Lift Face Definer

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Studio 10
Visible Lift Face Definer

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Product Description

Cheat your way to supermodel bone structure with Studio10’s best-selling, all-in-one contouring kit. Define, shape and contour with a shimmer-free, matte-finish sculpting powder. It’s blue undertones create natural-looking shadows on the face without the harsh lines of a typical bronzer. The warm, golden undertones of the highlighter give your features an instant lift while the sheer, gel-gel-crème blush finishes the look with a youthful flush. *Benefits* * Suberlift™ improves skin suppleness and elasticity.
* Vitamin complex prevents and corrects free radical damage, promotes skin elasticity, aids in cellular regeneration, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and restores the skin's integrity.
* Anti-oxidant Nyamplung Oil™ stimulates cell repair, acts as a free radical scavenger, prevents DNA damage, prevents photoaging and softens the skin.
* Paraben-free.

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