Breo iNeck - Neck Massager

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Breo iNeck - Neck Massager Save $150

iNeck - Neck Massager

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Product Description

Take a break, relax and unwind with the Breo iNeck neck massager. You?ll love getting star treatment with this super portable and professional design. Being on your feet can cause great strain to your body - and a stiff neck is the last thing you want to deal with after an exhausting day. Say hello to good health and goodbye to stress! Loaded with 4 incredible massage modes, you get exactly the right style of massage to relax your body and mind. The iNeck massager acts like human fingers, with a soothing kneading motion. You get the calming relief you deserve - your shoulder and neck aches will be managed while encouraging healthy blood circulation. Your muscles will thank you for it! The iNeck massager is a perfect gift for friends and family. It?s even adjustable with a middle knob, so it can be personalised for different users. Powered by a lithium battery, you get much needed relief from muscle knots and stress no matter where you are. Material: ABS + PCS, ABS, silicon rubber

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