Cane Creek Helm Coil Suspension Fork

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Cane Creek Helm Coil Suspension Fork Save $357

Cane Creek
Helm Coil Suspension Fork

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Product Description

Out of the box, the Helm coil comes setup with 160mm of travel, but with no extra parts required you can adapt them internally. The travel can be changed to 130,140 or 150mm simply by changing the spring perch on the travel-indexed compression rod. Also, as with the air version of the Helm, the damping can be individually tuned to perfectly suit the terrain and your riding style. This means you’re always only a few clicks away from the perfect suspension setup. Technologies: D-Loc Axle Assembly: Hard anodised aluminium cam lever closes against a self-lubricating brass clamp washer for axle function longevity. Fast and easy keyed entry axle and lock system. Eliminates unwanted rotational and torsional axle forces.