Smartwool Womens Base Thermal Midweight Zip T

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SmartWool Womens Base Thermal Midweight Zip T 18%off

Womens Base Thermal Midweight Zip T

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Product Description

Our warmest baselayer option. Slip this on for the coldest days of the year. The improved body skimming fit and flatlock seam construction combined with our super soft Merino wool make this one of our coziest and most comfortable tops available.

The best thermal wear available and made of 100% New Zealand Zque Merino wool.

The midweight 250gsm/sqm is a superior insulator weight. Ideal for stop and go activities in the cold, by itself or as a base layer when the temp drops

Why use Smartwool merino wool?

SmartWool is the most comfortable fiber you can put against your skin. A natural fiber that manages moisture, regulates body temperature and stays odor free.

Efficient:Evaporates and wicks better synthetics helping you stay drier and more comfortable

Veratile: Regulates body temperature, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer

Odor Free: Wool in antimicrobial. In other words, because wool is great at wicking, absorbing, and evaporating moisture, bacteria simply cant fint a home here. Smartwools specially selected Merino fibers have an uncanny, inherent ability to control odor.

No Shrink

Our 4-Degree Banded Fit System leverages technology used in today's athletic footwear to raise fit, feel and performance to unheralded levels. It's almost Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon-type stuff beyond the realms of physics and clothing science.

No Itch

It's a combination of the smart technology we apply and the fine micron (fiber diameter) that gives SmartWool its light and airy feel. No itch-causing (high micron) fibers make the cut.


We've added more durability to our running, cycling, skiing, snowboarding and outdoor socks by replacing the nylon with a new, densely spun wool yarn more SmartWool next to your skin!

4 Season Functionality

We're not talking your grandpa's rag wool socks here. We've got luxuriously soft, ultra-thin pieces for under suits, socks for running or road tripping, tops for working out or staying in.

Health Benefits

Along with regulating body temperature, fighting off bacteria and moving sweat off your skin while it's still a vapor, natural, renewable SmartWool is also healthy for the environment!

Body Temperature

Lower heat retention in SmartWool means your core temperature stays lower so lactate build-up does not occur as readily. This result gives you the ability to work harder for longer.

Natural Fibers

Sweat needs to be removed from the skin's surface to retain a dry and healthy environment. SmartWool removes sweat from the skin's surface before it condenses into a liquid.

Wool "Allergies"

SmartWool's long merino wool fibers don't stick out to give you that prickle effect. A wool allergy is rare and, when existent, is caused by lanolin, a coating on the fiber.

Naturally Flame Retardant

Wool has a natural UV protection and is difficult to ignite. In fact, wool never melts, so it can't stick to the skin like many synthetics do when they burn ouch!

About SmartWool



SmartWool was born with comfort in mind. Our founders were New England ski instructors struggling to keep their feet warm. After trying a variety of materials, they rediscovered an age-old classic: wool. But while these socks may have been warm, they were itchy and shrank. So they worked on a process to make them soft and easy care. SmartWool was born on a simple belief: keeping feet comfortable on the slopes.

But it was a difficult sell. Try as they might, they couldn t initially convince others of the material s merits. No one believed that a wool sock could be anything but itchy. Out of frustration, they finally challenged people to try them. And this simple tactic changed the course of SmartWool forever and pioneered a new market transformation for wool performance products. The instant people tried them they were awestruck with SmartWool s soft luxurious feel. They were even more surprised that their feet stayed comfortable for extended periods of time in mixed weather conditions. Instead of getting clammy, the SmartWool socks stayed dry, soft and comfortable. The founders then realized that they had to get their socks on as many people as possible to let them speak for themselves.

This created a buzz not unlike the shearing of a sheep. Magazines caught wind of the material and in 1995 Backpacker tested SmartWool against all other comers, awarding it its coveted Editors Choice award for best hiking sock. The company received the same honor in 1996 for its trekking socks, and won the award yet again for its new base layer line in 1998 before the first product was even shipped.

These awards catapulted SmartWool s Extraordinary Comfort onto more and more feet and bodies. And a funny thing happened once people started trying SmartWool: word about their comfort and performance spread like wildfire. Fueling this was the company s commitment to using only the finest wool in the world: New Zealand merino, which produce the softest, strongest and whitest wool on the planet. The company has built intimate, long-standing relationships with its growers, who are in tune with their land and sheep and have become great partners in growing the best wool possible.

The next step was obvious. Since people enjoyed SmartWool s comfort in its performance socks and base layers, why not make socks they can wear all the time? Since hiking socks don t go well with dress slacks, SmartWool launched its everyday-use lifestyle line in 2004, bringing extraordinary comfort to daily life with fun, fashionable designs. Both socks and apparel now enjoy worldwide distribution, satisfying the needs of walkers, runners, skiers, cyclists, climbers, hikers and anyone else who enjoys the comfort and performance the company s founders discovered more than 10 years ago on those cold slopes of New England