HORLEYS Body Build Chocolate 500g

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Body Build Chocolate 500g

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Product Description

Do you find it hard to gain weight? You need to consistently consume more energy than your body is using. Body Build can help, by providing you with extra protein, carbohydrates and nutrients in a delicious and convenient whole food formula. To build lean body mass, use Body Build in addition to normal meals and with a regular exercise program. When to Take it: Between meals, after school/sport, before bedtime Add 2 rounded scoops (27g) to 200ml standard milk and mix well. Tip: For a thick smoothie, add a banana, two Tbsp of yoghurt and 2 scoops of Body Build to 200ml of milk or fruit juice and whizz in a blender. For extra calories and nourishment, icecream or an egg can be added. Recommended intake is up to three servings per day. Ideal for: Underweight Adults Growing teenagers (especially those with 'hollow legs'!) People who are very physically active Those recovering from illness or poor appetite Ingredients: Skim Milk Powder, Butter Milk Powder, Whole Milk Powder, Dextrose, Fructose, Calcium Caseinate, Yeast, Flavours, Thickener (415), Ascorbic Acid, β-carotene. Contains Milk and Soy Products. Body Build is now Gluten Free. Halal Certified.