PharmaBotanica Stress Guard Triple Pack (3x180 Caps)

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Stress Guard Triple Pack (3x180 Caps) Save $110

Stress Guard Triple Pack (3x180 Caps)

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Product Description

Stress Guard Triple Pack (3x180 Caps) is the most economical way to purchase this product. What is Stress Guard? Stress Guard can help keep you calm and relaxed, while helping your body repair itself against the damage caused by stress! Traditionally used for: Emotional exhaustion when stressed, support healthy functioning of the nervous system, support the bodys ability to cope with times of stress. Can help you to fall asleep, can help you sleep more deeply and soundly, allows you wake refreshed. INGREDIENTS: Passiflora - 250mg St Johns Wort - 62.5mg Wild Lettuce - 62.5mg Hops - 62.5mg Valerian - 62.5mg Stress Guard is also free from yeast, added sugars, lactose, gluten, starch, artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. Directions For Use: Take 2 - 4 capsules at mealtimes as needed or as recommended by your Health Care Practitioner Use only as directed. See your healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist. Always read the label. Not for children under 12, Not for pregnant women or lactating women. St John's Wort effects the way many prescription medication work, consult your Doctor Browse our other Pharmabotanica products here.